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Brayzin token has set an industry first by creating a game which will be majority owned by players of our game- Brayzin Heist.

80% of all revenue generated by Brayzin heist and deposits from the Winners Circle will be allocated into the Brayzin liquidity pool to ensure your token will sustainably increase in value, month after month.

How it works

Brayzin Heist tokens (BRZH) are earned by players for completing milestone levels within our addictive match 3 puzzle game- Brayzin Heist. The more milestone levels that you complete, the more tokens you heist! Turn your free BRZH into piles of riches in the Winners Circle. 

Insane business model  âœ… No Tax ✅ Two separate affiliate programs- one for referring new player to the the app and the other for referring new players to the Winners Circle! 🔥🔥🔥  ðŸ‘‰ Play to earn $ 👉 It’s time to rocket to the moon!!! 👉 

Claiming and withdrawing tokens

Tokens claimed from Brayzin Heist are automatically loaded in your Winners Circle profile for you to play within 24 hours, however to be eligible to withdraw these tokens regularly, you will need to make a deposit of $1 in the Winners Circle.  

This $1 deposit enables you to process unlimited withdrawals for 7 days + gives you a 20% bonus on all tokens that you claim in Brayzin Heist. For example, if you claim 1,000 tokens in Brayzin Heist 1,200 tokens will be loaded in your Winners Circle profile if you have deposited $1 (on condition that it is within 7 day since your deposit was made).

We are doing this to encourage all players to contribute to the combined success of the Brayzin project and to ensure that the token price of BRZH can consistently rise as deposits received are immediately allocated into the BRZH liquidity pool therefore allowing our project to grow sustainably meaning all holders of BRZH will be able to sell their tokens for profits without the pump and dump! 



  • Start of project
  • White paper completed and website launched
  • Private sale begins
  • Android and IOS game development begins
  • Beta testing of both Android and IOS games begins
  • 30-04-2022
  • Brayzin Heist available on the App store
  • Aggressive online / app store / social / influencer marketing aimed at getting rapid growth in app downloads and therefore more players into the game (May 2022 onwards)
  • Pinksale Fairlaunch goes live for 24 hours only!
  • Token purchases by us begins monthly and all tokens purchased will be burnt to increase token price (July 2022 onwards)
  • Winners Circle released.
  • We’ll keep building cool shit.
  • BRZH token price $1+

Where you can find us